The Other 99

Genre: Action Survival game

Role: World and Narrative Designer

Created By: Burning Arrow Ltd

Published by: Deck 13 Interactive

Released on: PC ( )

Engine: UE4

Software utilised: UE4, Maya, Photoshop

UE4Image   photoshopimage   MayaImage

On this project, my core responsibilities were the creation of the open world level, the creation of the mystery narrative elements and level flow. I worked extensively with programmers to implement new features into the level and get the AI actors moving fluidly around. I also collaborated with the Art team, designing and requesting assets and props to be used within the game world.

I worked heavily within Unreal Engine 4, utilising:

  • landscape and foliage toolsets
  • Blueprint Visual Scripting
  • 3D animation and integration
  • Materials
  • Other custom toolsets

The level I built was approximately 1.5Km2 and populated with numerous camps, loot, collectable story notes and solvable puzzles.

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