I consider myself a driven and dedicated games designer and pride myself on my adaptability and versatility. With over 7 years of games design experience, I have worked across a wide range of projects, platforms and released products with major industry partners. Involvement in direct relationship building with publishers, partners, platform holders and consumers.

I have a driving passion for games, excellent team working and people skills and ultimately I want to make the best games I can.

Skill Set

• Experienced Unreal Engine 4 developer, taking projects from design through to release quality
• Extensive knowledge of level flow, researching, concepting, blockout, iteration and polish
• Skilled in 2D and 3D software packages, 6 years experience in Photoshop, Maya and Premiere Pro
• Visual scripting experience, collaboration with programming and art teams to deliver projects
• AI system knowledge and design, responsible for end to end delivery of bespoke game systems
• Comprehensive knowledge of project integrated version control and Perforce
• 2 Years Agile Scrum expertise, publisher guided project management and Jira
• Excellent presentation skills, successfully pitching for £200k+ investment and publishing deals

Most Recent Professional Work Experience

Aug 2017 – Present

Associate Game Director- Firesprite

  • Unannounced project

Lead Designer- Firesprite

  • Unannounced project

Games Designer – Firesprite

  • Unreleased Project
  • ‘The Persistence’- VR First-person Action Survival Horror; Released on (PS4/PSVR)
    • Level and mission design on all featured ‘boss rooms’ in game.
    • Creation and development of initial paper designs of ‘boss rooms’.
    • Blockout level creation in Maya, iteration from feedback, and prep for art.
    • Implementation, iteration, and bug fixing of mission logic in UE4 blueprints.
    • Narrative editing and implementation for missions to direct the player and deliver key story beats.
    • Creation of rooms and variations for the procedural level generation system.
    • Working closely with the game director, code and art teams to deliver compelling content for the final game.
  • Unreleased Project

Aug 2015 – Aug 2017
World/Level Designer – Burning Arrow Ltd

‘The Other 99’- First-person Action Survival Game; Released on PC

• End to end open-world level design and creation
• Constraint assessment, research, concepting, layout, level blockout, iteration and final polish
• Visual scripting (UE4 Blueprints), creating timed events and logic within the level
• Puzzle design and construction, combining mechanics and environment to stimulate the player
• Integration of gameplay systems into levels, nav mesh and mechanic testing and iteration
• Narrative design, building of small scale and large scale narratives through the environment
• Creation of narrative beats and collectable items to stimulate player exploration
• Integration of audio, particles, lighting systems and animations into the open-world
• Agile management, creation of user stories, sprint planning, milestone reviews, Jira integration
• Presenting at industry events including Gamescom and EGX, managing press and consumers
• Publisher relations management and creation of trailers, posters and other marketing materials

Education and Qualifications

2014-2015 Falmouth University MA Entrepreneurship

  • One of 20 postgraduates selected for the highly competitive ‘Falmouth Launchpad’ games program

2011-2014 Falmouth University BA (Hons) Animation and Visual Effects at 2:1 level