The Persistence (PS4/PSVR)

/\ 1st level ‘Boss Room’- The Plot course room played and featured by Eurogamer

Genre: Roguelike Action Horror

Role: Game Designer

Created and published By: Firesprite

Metacritic: 78

Released on: PS4/PSVR

Software utilised: UE4, Maya, Photoshop


  • Level and mission design on all featured ‘boss rooms’ in game.
    -Plot Course Room
    -Find the Captain
    -The Bridge
  • Creation and development of initial paper designs of ‘boss rooms’.
  • Blockout level creation in Maya, iteration from feedback, and prep for art.
  • Implementation, iteration, and bug fixing of mission logic in UE4 blueprints.
  • Narrative editing and implementation for missions to direct the player and deliver key story beats.
  • Creation of rooms and variations for the procedural level generation system.
    Working closely with the game director, code and art teams to deliver compelling content for the final game.


Working as a part of the design team on The Persistence, I was mainly responsible for the initial design and delivery of all the key final mission rooms. These rooms were designed to offer the player new and entertaining gameplay scenarios, focus and enhance the best mechanics in the game, as well as deliver key narrative beats.


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