The Persistence (PS4/PSVR)

/\ 1st level ‘Boss Room’- The Plot course room played and featured by Eurogamer

Genre: Roguelike Action Horror

Role: Game Designer

Created and published By: Firesprite

Metacritic: 78

Released on: PS4/PSVR

Software utilised: UE4, Maya, Photoshop


  • Level and mission design on all featured ‘boss rooms’ in game.
    -Plot Course Room
    -Find the Captain
    -The Bridge
  • Creation and development of initial paper designs of ‘boss rooms’.
  • Blockout level creation in Maya, iteration from feedback, and prep for art.
  • Implementation, iteration, and bug fixing of mission logic in UE4 blueprints.
  • Narrative editing and implementation for missions to direct the player and deliver key story beats.
  • Creation of rooms and variations for the procedural level generation system.
    Working closely with the game director, code and art teams to deliver compelling content for the final game.


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