MesoAmerican Mayhem

Genre: Competitive Action Party Game 

Role: Gameplay Designer

For: PC

Engine: UE4

Software utilised: UE4, Maya, Photoshop, Audacity, Perforce

UE4Image   photoshopimage   MayaImage

This 8 player Global Game Jam 2016 game required us to design the core of the game: the basic mechanics (run, jump and hit) and create interesting and funny powerups that would affect the game around those core mechanics. The aim was to create a hectic and fun experience for our players that would get them laughing as they played.

The main objective was for the players to battle over a gigantic physics effected heart at the top of the level, the player who got the killing blow would be the winner. We had to make it as accessible, to players of different skill levels, as possible to make it a viable party game.

The result was a fun and ridiculous game that made our players laugh as the heart pinged around the level and the random player powerups changed up the game enough to make sure anyone could win in any given playthrough.

I was responsible for:

  • Design and balancing of the basic mechanics
  • Design and balancing of the power-ups and player collectables
  • Creation of 2D assets utilised in game
  • Creation of the main character animations
  • Creation and collation of all SFX

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